Best cryptocurrency to invest in 2019

Want to know which is the best cryptocurrency to invest in 2019? Discover below our TOP 10 cryptocurrency to invest today which groups together the most promising tokens. Click the green button « Invest now » to join the best online exchange platform:

number1 BITCOIN
Bitcoin (BTC) Invest Now !
number2 RIPPLE
Ripple (XRP) Invest Now !
number3 ETHEREUM

Ethereum (ETH) Invest Now !
number4 LITECOIN

Litecoin Invest Now !
number5 STELLAR
Stellar (XLM) Invest Now !

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Invest Now !
number7 DASH
 Dash Invest Now !
number8 NEO
Neo (NEO) Invest Now !
number9 EOS
EOS Invest Now !
number10 IOTA
IOTA (MIOTA) Invest Now !

The coins we have included in the above table are, in our opinion, amongst the best tokens in which to invest for several reasons:

  • Firstly, their market capitalization is extremely large, they are therefore the dominating cryptos in the blockchain market.
  • Their past performances have shown that they are the cryptos with the most potential for traders and investors.
  • These blockchains have big plans for the future.
  • Finally, they are the most prevalent tokens on the cryptocurrency exchanges, they are thus the easiest to exchange since there is a significant number of potential buyers.

Top 10 cryptocurrency : what is the best cryptocurrency ?

Best cryptocurrency to invest in

It is according to predefined criteria that we have compiled our list of the Top 10 cryptocurrency. It will allow you to discover in just one look what the best cryptocurrency is. Our ranking is of course updated on a daily basis depending on the different cryptocurrency values, the official ranking of the des Top 100 cryptocurrencies by market capitalization but also and most importantly on cryptocurrency news.

Our Top 10 comprises of the following cryptos:

Bitcoin: This was the very first crypto currency to be launched (in 2009). It is the crypto of all excesses, it was for example the only one to see its price skyrocket above the $17,000 mark. Finally, it plays a very important role since its volatility has a direct influence on all of the digital currencies of Blockchain.

Ripple: The Ripple protocol was created to make interbank transactions faster, more secure and less costly. Several banks, financial institutions and payment providers around the world already use the Ripple network, further proving its effectiveness.

Ethereum: Ethereum allows for the implementation of smart contracts. It is part of our Top 10 cryptocurrency for it is used as a basis for several cryptocurrency projects which use its smart contracts.

Litecoin: The functioning of Litecoin is very close to that of Bitcoin. Litecoin transaction however have the advantages of being even faster.

Stellar: In 2018, Stellar, which was until then little-known, became a flagship crypto for investors. It has a great number of projects for 2019 (Dex decentralised exchange, the launch of the artificial intelligence supermarket TensorTask…) which allow it to remain in the Top 10 of our ranking of the best Best cryptocurrency.

Bitcoin Cash: BCH is based on the Bitcoin protocol since it is a fork. It allows for faster transactions with lower fees. Investors are thus as numerous as ever to trade and buy Bitcoin Cash.

Dash: Although much less popular than Bitcoin, payments in Dash crypto (which guaranties immediate transactions at a very low cost) are already accepted in a great number of countries.

Neo: Neo is basically the Chinese copy of Ethereum. Many are those who believe it will surpass it and maybe even become the best cryptocurrency!

EOS: Despite being very recent since it was only launched back in 2018, the EOS blockchain, which has for goal to replace Ethereum already displays one of the largest market capitalizations of the market.

IOTA: IOTA has the particularity of making transactions in digital money and data exchanges possible without having to pass through blockchain. It makes use of the Internet of Things (IOT) and of Tangle technology.

Crypto investment: how to find the best cryptocurrency exchange ?

Now that you know which is the best cryptocurrency to invest in, you must find the best cryptocurrency exchange to buy, sell and exchange your tokens. Several sites offer investments on the very trendy cryptocurrency market; however you must also make sure you choose a serious online broker which offers a wide enough choice of tokens and which does not apply high trading fees.

In our judgement, the best cryptocurrency exchange is eToro. Present in the market since 2007, it has been a reference in terms of online Investments on the financial markets for over 10 years. It now provides American investors with a cryptocurrency wallet which presents several advantages:

  • It enables one to buy, sell and exchange all the tokens found in our Top Ten Cryptocurrency.
  • It is an ultra-performant cryptocurrency wallet since transactions are processed in real time.
  • It offers the possibility of trading from one’s mobile thanks to the iOS and Android eToro app.
  • No daily limit on withdrawals.
  • No hidden fees: no account set-up charges nor any wallet fees, alongside competitive spreads from 0,75% per transaction. The conversion fees for crypto currency exchanges (crypto to crypto) are also very interesting for they are of only 0,1%.
  • eToro is a regulated broker which guaranties secure transactions and the protection of your personal data.

Over 10 million people in the world have already chosen eToro to trade online. To join this crypto trading platform, click below:

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Focus on the best Bitcoin Wallet in 2019

If like us you are convinced that Bitcoin is the top cryptocurrency at this point in time, eToro appears to us as being the best Bitcoin exchange. On top of the fact that it applies very low fees on transaction in BTC (0,75%), it allows you to receive notifications for you to be notified in real time of the news related to the currency invented by Satoshi Nakamoto. The broker shall also launch the CopyTrader technology shortly. The latter will allow you to, if you wish to do so, copy the portfolios of the best-performing traders of the platform. This functionality has already encountered a phenomenal success in the eToro community everywhere else in the world.

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